Gas detector

lightweight equipment for measuring the concentrations of gases (methane) by an unmanned aerial vehicle


The basic physical principle of the equipment is a differential method of measuring the absorption with scanning the wavelength in the region of the methane absorption line.

The device is easy, compact, fast, universal and reliable in view of the technology.

Weight3 kg
Threshold sensitivity1 ppm/m
rangeup to 150 m
Time of one measurement1 μs
Dimensions210 * 280 * 100 mm
Working distance0-150 m
UAV speed0-100 km/h
Temperature range-20gr. C + 40gr.
detected gasMethane ( available work on another gases )
Oil and gas
Search for methane leaks on oil and gas pipelines using unmanned aerial vehicles. The device allows to concentrate on the most dangerous areas and predict accidents on lines, reporting dangerous areas.
Search and measurement of the concentrations of gases in outer space by satellites and drones. This involves the search for minerals and the study of gas constituents on asteroids, planets or tails of comets. The power of the equipment allows to work in space at much greater distances than on Earth.
Scientific research of methane or other gases in open space areas of the terrain. There are methane output on the surface of lakes in large amounts, and that is the reason lots of scientific works. There are large emissions of methane-containing gases from farms. The presentation in dynamics with the indication of concentrations will allow the scientific groups formulate their conclusions to more accurately
Localization of hazardous methane clouds from sewerage or other sources in urban conditions. The incidence of ignition of explosive gases in urban areas is increasing as a result of their output to the surface from sewerage. The creation of maps for special services will allow localizing leaks and avoiding municipal accidents.
Search and measurement of concentrations of hazardous gases in combat zones. The relevance and accuracy of intelligence data can predict the course of military operations. Knowledge of the location and movements of clouds of dangerous gases can avoid the death of people
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